Three destinations I am dreaming of now…

This fall will be a nice mix of city breaks, spa weekends and a full week holiday. I am planning on traveling by the end of October when it gets cold and grey here in Denmark, but I’m not sure where to go yet. I only have a week to deal with (as my “real” job also requires my presence 🙂 ).

Lately I have been dreaming of three specific destinations and I am pretty sure, that when we pack our bags this fall, we will end up going to one of these places:


Pictures in this blog post are by courtesy of hotels and tourist organizations


Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline. Picture by courtesy of Hong Kong Tourism Board

Hong Kong has been on my mind for a while now. One of my closest friends used to work as a Guest Relations Manager at the Mandarin Oriental there and since she told me about this luxury flagship hotel in Hong Kong I’ve wanted to visit. And currently I feel like everyone is going to Hong Kong on Instagram and it just looks as such an exciting place!

I’ve only been to Singapore and Malaysia in Asia, but am longing to know more of this continent. However, I’ve always thought that one week in an Asian country is too little. Hong Kong though seems like a great place to spend a week exploring the city and surroundings.

Peak Tram Night
The Peak Tram by night. Impressive, right? Picture by courtesy of Hong Kong Tourism Board.

In Hong Kong I would:

+ Take the Peak Tram up to the Peak and enjoy the impressive view to the land of sky scrabers. I just can’t decide if it’s best to go by day or night…?

+ Wake up early and head to the fish market

+ Take a hike at Dragon’s Back

+ Take pictures of the typical boats with red sails passing the bay

+ Take a day by the beach at Repulse Bay

+ Visit Duddells for brunch

+ Enjoy an afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental (because I can’t afford sleeping there, but really want to experience it)

Afternoon Tea (High Res.)
Mmmm… just look at this delicious High Tea treat from the Mandarin Oriental! Imagine enjoying this in the beautiful surroundings of one of the most luxurious and iconic hotels of Asia. Picture by courtesy of the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong


TIP: A great way to experience the luxury hotels of the world is by enjoying a High Tea. This way you will get inside these beautiful hotels and be treated like a Royal without having to spend all your hard earned money on an overnight stay.



Marrakech 2
The iconic blue house in the Majorelle Garden. Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Bergé purchased this house and the famous garden back in 1980, which was after Yves’ death donated to their foundation. Now it is one of the most visited sites in Morocco. Picture by Bea Rodriguez.

Oh Marrakech! It has been on my wish list for so long, but I never managed getting there. I am dreaming of staying some days at a cosy riad in the busy medina and then head out of the city to a boutique hotel with view to the Atlas Mountains and lastly for the ultimate desert experience I would go “glamping” in the desert. On the pro side about Marrakech is that there are direct flights from Copenhagen (only 4 ½ hours).

Marrakech 1

In Marrakech I would:

+ Wander the Medina and buy things for our new apartment. I would go for textiles and follow Maroc Mama’s guide to buying rugs in Marrakech

+ Wake up early to see the sunrise over the roof tops

+ Do a cooking class and become a proof in the Moroccan kitchen (or almost a proof…)

+ Spend a day at the Beldi Country Club

+ Take a day trip to a Berber village or to the Ouzoud waterfalls

+ Be spoiled in the many hammams on a daily basis (or almost on a daily basis)

+ Visit La Mamounia and take pictures of their extremely beautiful tiles

+ Take an air balloon trip in the early morning and see the Atlas Mountains from the sky (okay, only if I win the lottery before!)

+ Visit the Majorelle garden


This might look like a complete chaos to some… To me it’s heaven and I would happily wander around here for hours finding treasures for my home. Picture by Bea Rodriguez.


Panama City

Casco Viejo aka The Old Town of Panama City. Picture by courtesy of The American Trade Hotel

First of all I love everything about Spanish-speaking countries and after having visited Mexico and Cuba, I am longing to explore more of Central America. Some time ago I saw some pictures of the American Trade Hotel in Panama City and I just felt like going NOW!
However, the flights for getting there are a total chaos. Two stopovers and a total travel time of 30 hours each way is just too much for a week. Despite of the fact that it’s chaotic getting there, I still dream of going there very soon!

RS29561_  ATH_PR+Marketing_CC_Lauren_Coleman_rooms_ 201_esquina_1-scr
Imagine waking up here and then walk out to explore Panama City. It almost looks like a movie from the 20’ies… The only thing I have seen like this is the legendary colony styled Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Picture by courtesy of The American Trade Hotel

In Panama City I would:

+ Stay at the American Trade Hotel

+ Drink coffee at Café Unido in Casco Viejo , eat at The Dining Room at the American Trade Hotel and hang out at Tantalo roof top bar in the evenings

+ Stroll in the old town and take pictures of all the pastel colored houses

+ Head out to the Panama Canal to see the impressive canal that crosses straight through the country

+ Visit the colorful Bio Museum

+ Maybe do some stand up paddle boarding somewhere…

+ Head out of the city and stay at the beautiful little resort El Otro Lado for three nights

I just love love love everything about this bar at The American Trade Hotel: the tiles, the bar, the windows, the lamps, the rocking chairs… and I’m pretty sure I would love the cocktails as well! Picture by courtesy of The American Trade Hotel


Do you have any additions to my list? Or recommendations? Where should I go? What should I see? Place a comment in the comment box below and let me hear what you think!

Any ideas or thoughts you wish to share? Don't hold back, I love to chat :)

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