Four family travel blogs to inspire you to travel the world


I have previously shared my favourite travel sites and they are still my go-to sites when planning a trip. However, now that we have a baby on board I have started researching for sites with more family focused content.

I can’t help but dream away when surfing the internet for travel inspiration (brilliant occupation by the way when home on maternity leave 😉 ) and I’m convinced that we’ll do “the +6 months grand world tour” someday when our son is a bit older. Until then, I’ll dream away online and plan all the smaller trips that our current situation permits (which is also wonderful – no complaints there!).

Here are my four (very different) favourite family travel sites so far:

The pictures in today’s post are from our Honeymoon to Mauritius (long before we even thought about having a baby)

Lost & Found Traveller

Julia is the lady behind Lost & Found Traveller. She is an excellent writer and shares her thoughts and travel experiences in some very well-written posts. What makes this blog a must follow for travel-obsessed and dreamers (myself included), is the fact that she and her family of five just sold their house in Melbourne to follow their dream of travelling the world for a year!
Her Instrgram is also super inspiring with nice photos and many Insta-stories following their world journey.


Pie y Pata

Pie & Pata is the perfect site if you plan on travelling by motorhome. The family of three (+ a dog) have crossed much of Europe by motorhome and share some very concrete tips for this way of travelling, e.g. “A Motorhome Guide for Newbies”

Side note: They also travel with their dog, so if you plan on traveling with your pet, this site is worth visiting.



World Travel Family

This is a family of four travelling full-time and home-schooling their kids since 2012. It is a very complete site with a lot of concrete information about travelling, home-schooling and blogging. As they have been on the road for the past four years, there are lots of travel guides and advice for travelling as a family. Especially adventure travel like: Trekking with kids in the Everest region (!), roadtripping USA or travelling by train in India.


Mummy Travels

Mummy Travels is run by British Cathy who is a travel writer by profession and shares almost everything about family travel on the blog. From post like “The Beginner’s Guide to Travel with a Baby”, “63 things to do in Sn Francisco with Kids” and “A Two Week Cambodia Itinerary with Kids” she covers all the basics of family travel.

I will for sure use her checklists, including “Travel checklist: Your Essential Child First Aid Kit”


Have I missed anything? Please share in the comment box below if you have any recommendations for family travel blogs 🙂


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  2. Just spotted this – thank you so much for including me in the list, and hope the blog is still proving useful and inspiring for anyone who wants to travel with kids without necessarily heading off long-term.


    • You’re welcome 🙂 I really enjoy your blog, so of course it should be on the list! Hope you can find some inspiration here on My Travel Atelier too! /Christina


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