Weekend-away: Joining my husband on a business trip to Aalborg


Last weekend Baby J and I joined my husband on a business trip to Aalborg (fourth largest city in Denmark). My husband had meetings on Friday afternoon, a client event on Saturday evening and a client breakfast on Sunday morning. We decided to join him and enjoy some time together in between the meetings. And while he was working my baby boy and I went for walks or stayed in the hotelroom and enjoyed some room service. Not bad at all 🙂

Getting there from Copenhagen was first a 1 1/2 hour drive, then 1 1/2 hour by ferry followed by another 1 1/2 hour by car. Our little one managed perfectly and slept in the car, was awake on the ferry and then slept again. If he gets uneasy when driving, we put on some music which tends to distract him. Easy for now!

Here is a glimpse of the trip and some tips for the city

View from our room at Comwell Hvide Hus overlooking a beautiful fall landscape (and a rainbow for some minutes!)
It’s said that this street, Hjelmerstald, is the most photogenic street in town. I couldn’t agree more, even on a gray day like this.
Hjelmerstald shot from the other end of the street
Coffee, mulled wine and cakes at Penny Lane café was one of the highlights of the trip…
…only surpassed by the many kisses from this little guy
Hindbaersnitte: My favourite Danish cake lined up (a kind of white cookie, with raspberry fill and glaze)
It happened to be the official opening of the Christmas marked last week. Lucky us!
My little monkey soaking it all in at his first Christmas Marked
Breakfast. We asked for a table in the adjoining restaurant as Baby J had just fallen asleep in his stroller. Even though he is a tight sleeper (I can’t complain there) being in a main breakfast restaurant with lots of people and noise would have woken him up. The staff went the extra mile and let us pick up our breakfast in the main area and eat it in more quiet surroundings.

My best tip for traveling with kids is to ask for little favours. Remember: No one ever died from asking 🙂 And honestly, a hotel that’s not willing to go the extra mile for their guests, is not worth staying at.

I prefer spring and summer a hundred times over fall and winter, but I really do my best to take it all in and enjoy the crisp fall weather and change of season
We picked up some super delicious salads from Landmad and enjoyed them in the hotel lobby while catching up on some photo editing

Things I have on my list for next time I visit Aalborg:

– Have dinner at Nam Social Dining & Drinks
– Enjoy some Mexican finger food for lunch at Vaca (also exists in Aarhus and soon in Copenhagen!)
– Try all the other cakes at Penny Lane 😉
– Visit the Utzon Center

Any ideas or thoughts you wish to share? Don't hold back, I love to chat :)

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