Terre des Étoiles, the eco-friendly desert experience in Morocco


This hotel review has taken several months to finish. Not because the place wasn’t worth it – it definitely was – but because I have struggled with major fatigue during my current pregnancy.

And talking about pregnancy, here’s a fun story: While in Morocco we met a Dutch couple with a two-year old daughter whom we talked to during lunch one day. We talked about travels and especially about Cuba where we had all been before. They told that Cuba was very special to them, as it was during that vacation they discovered that they would become parents. We laughed and joked about where we would be when we eventually discovered the news… A few days after I was actually late and we decided that I should take a pregnancy test – which turned out to be positive! So there, in a camp in the Moroccan desert we discovered that we would become parents 8 months later. So now, this camp really has a special place in our memory.

A couple of weeks after the big news, I felt that all energy was suck out of me and I was left with no energy to do anything but my “real job”. So everything relating to my blog has been on hold for a while. However, now I am feeling much better and ready to start where I left 6 month ago.

Thank you for still being there 🙂

Hotel Review: Terre Des Étoiles

When we planned our trip to Marrakech we wanted to explore as much as possible during our time there. So we booked three nights in the Medina at Riad El Cadi, two nights in a villa just outside the Medina and finally three nights in a camp side in the Agafey desert.
While the Medina is hectic, colorful and awakens all your senses, the desert is a totally back to earth experience and a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle.

The “lobby area” of the camp

The campsite Terre des Étoiles (meaning the Land of Stars) is an oasis of peace where guests and nature come together in a wild and hilly landscape. And naming it Land of the Stars is just right, as out here there are no lights to interfere with nature in the evening.

There are only ten tents, which makes it a very nice and calm experience. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and they will be the ones to take you out for horseback riding or trekking in the area.

Welcome tea and cookies
Our beautifully decorated tent

The camp is three years old and consists of five hectares of land that is being cultivated slowly according to organic farming principles.

Walking through the herb garden with the gardener
Every little inch of Terre Des Etoiles is part of a sustainable project
On the camp there are goats, chickens, birds, horses and of course; dromedaries

All food is made and prepared onsite in traditional clay ovens and most vegetables have been grown in the area. The bread in made in the traditional tagines on a daily basis.

A fresh salad and homemade bread for lunch
Moroccan omelette with chicken
Perfect breakfast spot and Moroccan pancakes

The camp is located in the Agafey desert, which is a stone desert. There is literally not much to do out there (which is also the idea of the place; to unwind and enjoy the silence). They do offer some activities like horseback riding, mountain biking or trekking to a local Bedouin village (one hour walking each way), which we did.

Walking to the Bedouin village we passed these guys.
Life in the desert hasn’t changed the last century. It is still a full time job to be a shepherd.

The absolutely best thing about our stay at Terre des Étoiles was the amazing sunrises. We woke up around 7 a.m. each morning to enjoy this spectacular view.

The little terrace in front of our tent from where we enjoyed the amazing sunrises every morning
The majestic Atlas Mountains in the background

Nice to know:

– Terre des Étoiles is located only 25 kms from Marrakech, so it is very convenient if you don’t have long time there or if you wish to visit the city from the camp
– We arrived and departed by taxi, which is actually the only option unless you rent a car
– We booked through Hotels.com and had all meals included in the deal, which I will also recommend as there are no other options
– We visited in October when temperatures were nice for a desert visit
– There is no electricity at night, but everyone is handed a portable light bulb
– Visit their website here

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