Decorating with interior design from my travels

One of our favourite things to do when travelling is to look for interior design items for our home. I’ve previously written about how to find useful souvenirs. As we have moved to a new larger apartment since my last post and bought a whole new bunch of stuff, I thought it was appropriate with a new post on this theme.

If you’re wondering whether it’s me or my husband who decides what interior design to buy, then the answer is clear: we’re 100% together about it. I only think we have one or two items each that the other part doesn’t like, which I would say is pretty good!

Living Room

Our living room is very bright with lots of sunlight, which is extremely nice. However it’s also a bit clinical white as it is a new building without much charm. We’ve tried to loosen things up a bit by arranging different areas in the space and using vintage items.

First is the TV lounge area.

My husband is a huge Rolling Stones fan and he wanted to showcase this in some way. We decided to do it through vintage photography. In addition to the pics of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards we looked for pictures of movie icons such as James Dean and Marlon Brandon. Below I explain where we found the different pieces.

The area is a bit too black/white for our taste as it is now, so we’re thinking of adding some knitted pillows in some dark red and nude tones.

Now to my favourite area of our living room: our daybed. There is a large window just in front of the daybed and I love relaxing there feeling the sun on my face (when the sun is out obviously…which is not a daily luxury since we live in Denmark…).

The daybed itself is an original piece by the Danish designer Poul Volther. Underneath is our beloved rug from Marrakech. We literally spent three entire days looking for the perfect rug… and of course we ended up buying the one we fell for on the first day… we just had to see about a hundred other rugs before we were convinced that this was actually the nicest one! 

We’re not quite finished with decorating this area yet. We’re thinking of adding a macramé knot wall decoration, but we’re not sure whether to buy one or if I should make it by myself (chance to learn a new skill!). If I decide to go for it, then I will use this tutorial.

The kitchen

The interior design in our kitchen is dominated by wood. We have a large wooden table, a wooden lamp, armchairs and photo frames. It gives such a nice and warm feeling to be surrounded by wooden furniture.

On the picture is our little coffee corner in the kitchen.

Our ambition for this area was to make it cosy and as the place to calm down after a day at work. And we really succeeded! We often meet here in the afternoons with a coffee or a glass of wine in hand and our son playing on the floor. Many of our travel dreams have seen the light of day right here.

We rent out our apartment on Airbnb when we travel. So if you’re ever headed to Copenhagen have a look at it here

Interior design tips

  • Be creative and think alternative ways to decorate e.g. use pictures from books as posters
  • If you’re looking for something for a special area of your home, take a picture of that area and bring it with you.
  • Visit markets and vintage shops to find unique interior design



Any ideas or thoughts you wish to share? Don't hold back, I love to chat :)

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