Moving to Barcelona…

Moving_to_Barcelona_1Well, we’re not really moving to Barcelona, but for the next five weeks we’ll switch Copenhagen for Barcelona. Am I excited? You betcha 🙂

Tomorrow we’re leaving freezing Copenhagen (yes, the calendar says march and it’s still cold as h*** here!). I’m still on maternity leave and my husband has combined vacation and paternity leave (yes, the dads also get their share of the leave in Scandinavia. Lucky us!). This gives us a total of 6 weeks together before we start work again and our little one starts in day care.

Moving to Barcelona

Why Barcelona?

I have previously lived there on my own (I have family in Barcelona) and my husband and I have talked about moving there many times. This will be a test of how it actually feels to live there as a family. Okay, maybe not really live there, as we won’t be working (something we obviously would have to do if we decided to make the real move). But we will try to get some everyday routines: My husband will do a Spanish course every morning for the first couple of weeks, I plan on working on the blog more seriously, we’ll go to the gym, do grocery shopping etc. I’m also planning on writing some articles for other online media, so if you know someone who knows someone who needs some writing about Barcelona, let me know!

What about the money?

As we unfortunately don’t have gold in our backyard, we’ve rented out our apartment on Airbnb to rent another one in Barcelona. (See which apartment we’re staying in + my tips for finding it here). This more or less equals the spendings.

Since we live in a super expensive country, the actual living expenses when moving to Barcelona will most likely be a bit cheaper for us than home in Copenhagen (coffee to go in Barcelona = 2€ vs. coffee to go in Copenhagen = 5€).

Lately I’ve been inspired by the downsizing principles. We have so many things we don’t need or use! So I’ve started selling stuff we don’t use/need and for the past two months I’ve made around 800€ on this! So goodbye old juicer and hello yoga classes in Barcelona! I’m looking to join this yoga studio while there.

Moving to Barcelona

Stroller dad drinking coffee from Nomad Coffee Lab. I’m pretty sure we’ll pass by every now and then during the next five weeks.


That’s all for now – enjoy your Monday and the upcoming Easter break!


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