Six podcasts about full time travel and the Digital Nomad lifestyle

Welcome to yet another post in the Podcasts series – this time focusing on the Digital Nomad lifestyle and full time travel. So if you’re dreaming of or planning to quit your job in exchange of full time travel or life as a Digital Nomad, you have come to the right place!

I’m in Barcelona this month with my little family. So instead of listening to podcasts at home or on my daily walks in the snow with the stroller, I’m doing it the lazy way on street corners in the sun (isn’t this what the remote lifestyle is about; being where the sun is??? 😉 Not that I work remote – just pretending at the moment!).

If you wonder why I’m in Barcelona and for how long, then read my previous post here.


This post is part of the Podcasts series. A series of posts with recommendations of travel podcasts.
There are so many very good travel podcasts out there covering all aspects of travel; general travel, specific destinations, personal travel stories, full time travel, digital nomad lifestyle, female travel, family travel and the list continues….
Once a month, I share a new list of podcasts in a specific category.


Six podcasts if you’re dreaming of full time travel or the digital nomad lifestyle:


Zero to Travel

Jason More is the man behind Zero to Travel. There’s no need for further explanation as I believe the title says it all! The podcasts cover tips for travelling more, interviews with people who has taken the jump from 9-5 jobs to full-time travel and much more. My favourite episodes are some of the newest: 20 Lessons From 20 Years of Travel and Location Independent Tips From A Full Time Freelancer.


Keep your daydream

Keep your Daydream is part of a travel-universe with YouTube videos, blog and courses. It is run by Marc and Tricia, who share how they turned “someday into today” to make their adventure happen. It is about making the most of what you have now.
There are over 100 episodes with conversations with other travelers who have taken the leap into fulltime travel.

Tip: Keep Your Daydream has many episodes for family travel and family adventures!


Location Indie

Location Indie is a podcast by Jason (Zero to Travel) and Travis (Extra pack of Peanuts). Both are two of my favourite podcasters. It’s part of a comprehensive universe for Digital Nomads with a blog and a membership club. In the podcasts they go behind the scenes to reveal how it really is to be a digital nomad. With more than 100 episodes and titles like: Getting Risky, How To Work From Home and Why Careers Don’t Matter, they cover all the aspects of the location independent lifestyle.

As Told by Nomads

Here you’ll listen to inspiring interviews with global digital nomads and entrepreneurs. As Told by Nomads is very business oriented and perfect if you’re dreaming of joining the remote work culture with your own business.


More Travel In Life

More Travel In Life is for the ones who wish to travel more, but not necessarily quit their jobs or becoming digital nomads. Jen Miller is hosting and she invites people into the podcast, who can share how they combine work and travel.
The episodes include: Getting Creative for That Bucket List Trip, Designing Your Life for Travel and Serial Entrepreneur Succeeds with Adventure Sabbaticals.


Going Remote – Interviews with Successful Digital Nomads Traveling the World

Going Remote interviews people who work non-traditional Digital Nomad jobs. And what could a non-traditional Digital Nomad job be you might ask (I did!)? Well, he interviews an online fitness coach, a life coach, an Accountant Manager and even a real Estate Agent.
Charles Du is the man behind it and while he’s not as “energetic” as other podcast hosts, he asks some good questions, making the guests give some very useful information.


I know there are many more podcasts about this theme. Please feel free to share in the comment box below 🙂


Any ideas or thoughts you wish to share? Don't hold back, I love to chat :)

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