Five coffee shops to try in Barcelona right now

Confession: I am a coffee addict! I drink coffee every day with no exceptions (times were tough during the first trimester of my pregnancy where coffee made me nauseous!).
I prefer to brew my coffee at home (we have a Sage Barista Express machine and the coffee always turns out perfect) and when I go to bed at night I often think of my morning coffee as the last thing before I go to sleep (nerd – I know!). Coffee (and croissants) really has become my thing over the years 🙂

Good for me Barcelona is the place to be for a coffee lover. The coffee scene here is quite impressive and the coffee culture has been booming over the past years. Here I’ll give you the five coffee shops you should stop by on your next visit.

Five coffee shops to try in Barcelona right now



Nømad Coffee is probably the most hyped coffee bar and roastery in Barcelona at the moment. If you’re into specialty coffee you’ve come to the right place. It’s a small space tucked away in a little passage. You come here for the coffee and that’s it, as they don’t serve anything else. No croissants, no cookies no nothing, just dreamy coffee. My favourite is an American of the Colombian blend.
They roast and sell their coffee to many cafes in Barcelona, so you’ll might find yourself enjoying their coffee elsewhere too.

TIP: Buy their coffee beans as a great gift for coffee lovers


Espai Joliu

As we currently live in a cactus and coffee era, combining the two things into a concept store had to turn out a success. Espai Joliu is probably one of the most instagrammed places in Barcelona and for good reason. It is so pretty!
The coffee is very good (beans come from Nømad), I enjoyed a cortado and a slice of their vegan banana bread, while my husband had an Americano.


Syra Coffee

Syra Coffee is a tiny coffee shop in the Gracia neighbourhood. It has a very local feel and pleasant atmosphere. Enjoy your coffee on the bench in front of the café or take it to-go while exploring the streets of Gracia.
Every morning they get deliveries from the local donut bakery Lukumás. And trust me; these donuts are heavenly! If you’re not into donuts, there’s other delicious pastry from local bakeries to choose between too.



When entering Bermont the first thing you see is their coffee menu displayed with black letters on a white wall. The first line says “NO TENEMOS AZUCAR” (we don’t have sugar). With that sentence they set the scene: you come here to taste the coffee and not to over sweeten it with sugar.
They’ve let simplicity rule in this lovely little bright place in the Gracia neighbourhood, where they also serve light homemade dishes.

At Bermont they don’t roast the beans themselve, but work with the coffee roasters Tusell Tostadores & Puchero Coffee.


Onna Coffee

Onna Coffee is a roastery and coffee shop. It’s larger than the other places and great for a visit when you need to relax after wandering the streets of Barcelona. They make heavenly coffee (their flat white is the best I have tried so far). They also serve light dishes and homemade cakes.

TIP: In the back they have a large table for those who wish to bring their laptop and work.


I hope you’ve been inspired to do some coffee tourism in Barcelona! And now you have to excuse me, I’m off for a walk with my son and a coffee 😉


Any ideas or thoughts you wish to share? Don't hold back, I love to chat :)

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