Street photography course in Barcelona

Me and the teacher Mabel talking light and composition

There’re not many things I regret in life, but one thing I really do regret is not to have taken a photography course before! It would have saved my marriage many unnecessary arguments and me yelling in frustration “WE NEED A NEW CAMERA, THIS ONE DOESN’T WORK WELL!” (note: we have a Canon DSLR with a quite good lense). Am I the only one who has experienced this?

Well, that’s all about to change now, as we’ve just been on a 3-hour street photography course in Barcelona. And guess what? Our camera actually does work fine. It works very fine actually. I just had to learn how to use it… Silly me and poor husband who has listened to my frustrations over the past year(s).

We booked a tour with Barcelona Photo Tours and were met by lovely Mabel, who’s Cuban, but has lived in Barcelona for a decade. She speaks Spanish (of course), Catalan and fluent English. So communication is no problem 🙂 She is specialised in street photography and takes the customers out for an interesting walk in Barcelona’s streets to practice the photography skills. The price is 45€ per person (super value for money!).


Some shots from our street photography course


Las Ramblas


T’estimo Barcelona = I love you Barcelona in Catalan


La Boqueria food market



Barrio Gótico


Of course this course hasn’t made us professional photographers, but we’ve learned some very useful things about aperture, shutter speed and composition. Now, it’s just up to us to go out and practice 🙂

In the future I would also like to take a course of interior photography and styling. I’m not quite satisfied with the pictures I took of our home for this post.

What about you? Have you ever taken a photography course or were you just a born photographer?

Any ideas or thoughts you wish to share? Don't hold back, I love to chat :)

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