A day at the Beldi Country Club


During our time in Marrakech we spend a day at the Beldi Country Club just outside the city. Now you’ll might ask what a country club is? Well, it is a place you go to spend the day, relax by the pool and have lunch. And that’s just about it. A place to relax in wonderful surroundings. At least at the Beldi it is!

For the price of 37€ you get access to their pool facilities, loungers and a lunch (ex. beverages though). It was so worth it, and even though it was rather cloudy when we visited it still remains as one of our favorite moments in Marrakech.

Immense rose fields welcome you upon arrival at the Beldi Country Club
The large pool area. In addition to this is a heated pool for families.
The biggest fig trees I have ever seen.

The lunch (which is included in the entrance packet price) is served at the pool side restaurant.

Menu displayed on large blackboards
Gazpacho as a starter and mojitos to accompany the lunch
The most delicious caramelized Moroccan chicken
Beldi’s signature plates are for sale in the pottery shop
Colors and details in the pool side restaurant

In addition to the pool areas, the country club offers a hotel, a pottery, shops and bars.

Entrance to the pottery
The pottery is open daily and there is possibility to attend pottery classes
Details in the garden
One of the many many beautiful places of the Beldi Country Club
Fresh oranges in the garden
Antique toys

Nice to know

  • It is located aprox. 15 minutes outside of Marrakech by car
  • There is a large spa onsite with opportunity to book treatments
  • It is suitable for both couples and families as there is a large heated pool behind the main pool
  • Visit the website here

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