Meet: Travelling mom Debbie

“Meet” is a new series of interviews with interesting people in my network. They are all different, but all have one thing in common: the passion of travel!

First in line is my friend Debbie 

Why Debbie?
Because Debbie is one of the most well-traveled ladies I know! Debbie is a Dutchie living in Copenhagen with her Danish husband and their little girl Olivia. Debbie has spend 10 years flying around the world as a flight attendant for KLM and is now traveling non-stop around Europe thanks to a super exciting job at an international media company.

Travelling mom Debbie

So Debbie: 10 years as a flight attendant! Which was your favorite destination for a lay-over and why?
Ecuador! What an amazing country! It might not be the first country you would think of to visit, but once you have been there it will be on the top of your list. It has such a beautiful nature with the Cotopaxi volcano, very friendly people, beautiful beaches, the Galapagos islands, forests, the Andes… Ecuador really has it all! A must do is a horse back riding trip to the Cotopaxi Vulcano.
All in one word: Amazing!

And now that you travel around European cities; which one is your favourite and why?
Well, I did not really know Madrid before going there for work, but it definitely has become one of my favourite cities in Europe. It has so much to offer; great museums, culture, hip bars, upcoming breakfast spots, amazing tapas bars, hipster areas like Vesterbro (in Copenhagen), friendly people and of course a very nice climate. It’s a must see in Europe and flights with Norwegian from Copenhagen are cheap and direct.

I love breakfasts and I know you do too, where have you had the best breakfast so far?
At the secret spot “Rachel’s Eco Love” in Marbella (South of Spain) for sure! From the moment you arrive you get this special WOW feeling. The food is healthy, organic and looks great (also important!) and perfect for an Instagram capture, haha. It is hidden in a kind of apartment resort with a swimming pool, some very cute turquoise chairs on the terrace and pink flamingos. It’s all just beautiful and I am sure you would love it!

Actually I should start a breakfast spot myself, ha ha. I love to experience with different dishes and make nice, healthy food bowls, pancakes, waffles, chia puddings, fruits/yoghurts and muffins. I believe in the perfect combination of great taste and good looks of food.

What is the first thing you do when you arrive at a new destination?
I start by exploring the hotspots I have on my list or see if I can take a great Instagram picture and share. I get very happy from beautiful views and nice/delicious food on social media 😉

As a Dutchie living in Copenhagen, what do you think is the best thing about our city?
Eating brunch definitely! Copenhagen has the best places for brunch. I also love the Danish design and the cycling culture. I biked a lot in Holland so it’s great I can continue with that in Copenhagen where everyone bikes!

…and best spot for breakfast in Copenhagen?
Fars Dreng for brunch and 42 RAW for their breakfast bowls.


Now, let’s talk about you as a travelling mom

I know you traveled to Amsterdam to visit your family when Olivia was only 6 weeks old. Very brave! However, you also flew to Vietnam when she was only 5 months old. It’s a 22 hour travel from Denmark. How did you dare and how did it all go? 
Well, first of all I think it is easier to travel far away with kids when they are very small. About the trip to Vietnam, I didn’t think that much about it and just did it! We also traveled to Oman when she was 10 months old.
Me, as a former stewardess, I’m used to traveling and l love it. I wouldn’t give it up because of having children, so I simply take them with me. Of course you need to prepare before such a long flight, but the younger they are when you start traveling the easier it will be over time. Olivia is used to traveling and sitting in an airplane. No matter if it is a 1 hour, 4 hours or 12 hours flight she is always doing very well.
I understand that some people don’t want to do it if they have a “cry-baby” or if they are worried it will not go well, but my best advice is simply not to think that much about it and just jump into the deep. It will be a great experience!

As a travelling mom, what destination has been the best to travel to with your little family so far and why?
There is not really one special destination. What counts is if the place/country/city is used to have families and are okay with it. In Asia for example, they are very happy to welcome kids and families, so everywhere you go they are helpful, happy and want to hold or play with the kid.
And my tip is to travel in the low season. It is way much nicer and less stress for everyone, ha ha! Of course, when the kids start school it’s difficult to hold on to that, but until they are 6, never travel in the high season!

You fly to Amsterdam every now and then with Olivia. She’s already a little frequent flyer. What is your best tip for flying with a toddler?
Be prepared and when the toddler is still very small, put him/her in a carrying bag so you have your hands free. Have your diaper bag close by with snacks, water, toys and wet wipes (which you will use for everything!).

And lastly; what is your dream destination?
Hmmm that’s a long list: Iceland, Finish Lapland, Jamaica, French Polynesia, Fiji and Hawaii. But for sure; staying a night in the glass igloos in Lapland is a dream!

Thanks for sharing Debbie!

As a travelling mom you learn to be creative… Inventing a baby bed on a beach in Vietnam
Debbie & Olivia on a beach in Thailand
Olivia the frequent flyer aged 2
Travelling mom and family in Italy

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