Six things I would have liked to know about Cuba before going there


When we left for Cuba we felt prepared. However, there are some things I would have liked to know before going in order to make the trip even better. Here’s my six things I would have liked to know before leaving for Cuba:

1. Bring healthy snacks from home
Getting snacks for our days on the road was not possible. Some wholegrain biscuits or raw bars would have been much appreciated.

2. Stay at casas particulares all the way rather than hotels
This applies everywhere except Viñales where the view from our hotel was truly magical. The casas are just so much better than the hotels!

3. Do a thorough research for restaurants in Havana from home
I firmly believe that there are good restaurants in Havana, but we only found one.

4. Only eat in casas particulares or paladares and not in restaurants anywhere outside of Havana
The home cooked food is so much better than the restaurants, but as tourists who often travel to try new restaurants around the world, it’s hard to believe that it is actually true that the best food is served in private dining rooms and not in fancy restaurants. However it is the reality in Cuba. We had to get over various disappointing restaurant visits before we realized that the fact is actually true. So, do your research very good from home, or forget about what applies in the rest of the world and just avoid eating in restaurants.

5. Bring many (as in many!) tissues
We did bring, but we should have brought more as there was not paper in most toilets.

6. The Revolution Museum in Havana is a waste of time
…unless you really enjoy reading old newspaper pieces.

Now YOU know and will go even more prepared than we did! So enjoy the trip ☺



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