Gothenburg for interior design lovers


Gothenburg in the southern part of Sweden is a truly beautiful city three hours by car from Copenhagen. I have spent quite some time there when I was working as a flight attendant and had layovers in this perfectly sized city (which is the fourth largest in Scandinavia), where everything is reachable by foot.

Last spring we spent a weekend there with some friends strolling around the city and enjoying that spring had hit Scandinavia for good. The men were not that into shopping for clothes (I guess it’s the waiting time outside the dressing rooms that’s the root to all problems…), but they were really into all the inspiring interior shops, so those were the focus on that trip.

The Swedes are so stylish and know everything about interior design. Gothenburg is a mecca if you love interior design (in all price ranges). Here is just a small selection of some inspiring interior shops:



Rum21 is a beautiful interior shop with all the well known Scandinavian brands. There is a nice and bright atmosphere in the shop and a pretty little courtyard.
If not heading to Gothenburg I can recommend signing up for their newsletter, which always has inspiring pictures.


Location: Kyrkogatan 20-22



This place has an amazing Instagram account! I followed Artilleriet on Instagram before going there, and stepping into the real deal shop, was like being a child in a candy shop, all those beautiful beautiful things everywhere….
If the shopping and impressions get too much, you can relax with a coffee and a kanelbulle (cinnamon bun) just next door, where a local roastery houses.


Location: Magasingatan 19


The Kitchen

The focus in this shop (which is an outlet of Artilleriet) is (obviously!) on the kitchen. The philosophy is that the kitchen is the heart of the home and therefore should be in focus in every house. It is wonderfully decorated with a large wooden table in the middle and sweet employees.


Location: Magasingatan 19



In a cute little passage you will find Granit. An all-in-one shop with stationary, plants, paper, disposable tableware and much more. Perfect if you are a creative type and need to do some shopping for your projects.


Location: Vallgatan 19


Lunch on the go…

There are various food trucks circulating around in Gothenburg, making it easy peasy to grab a quick lunch on the street. We tried a Thai food truck and a Mexican one with super delicious tacos. Yummi!



For a cocktail in the sun…

I recommend Storköket, which is the old grand theatre’s restaurant right next to the canal. They serve tasty drinks and are famous for their hamburgers (which we’ll have to go back and try!).


Location: Kungsparken 1

For dinner I can recommend Restaurant Familjen, where I have had dinner twice now. Quality food in a stylish relaxed atmosphere at decent prices. Definitely worth a visit. No pictures – sorry!


As we just bought a new apartment in Copenhagen, I’m longing to go back to Gothenburg and visit all those shops again! Maybe we’ll go in fall… let’s see!

– Christina


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