Photo tour of my favorite neighborhood in Copenhagen: Christianshavn


I have always been fond of the colorful neighborhood Christianshavn with it’s many canals, houseboats and pretty houses. After we moved this summer, we live just one kilometer away and often walk around there in the evenings or weekends. It’s the kind of area you never get to discover a 100% as you will always find a new little courtyard, a quirky houseboat or something else which makes each walk different. I think it is about time to share some pictures here on the blog and not just on Instagram of this wonderful neighborhood. I hope you will enjoy!


Places to stop by when wandering Christianshavn

+ Parterre for coffee and a croissant
+ Christianshavns Bådudlejning & Café (the floating café pictured above) for a glass of wine. Open in summer months and then transformed into a cosy winter cabin in November and December.
+ Emmerys for organic bakery to go or to stay
+ Café Oven Vande for a classic restaurant experience at a perfect location by the canal and historic houses


Things to do

+ Walk around and discover the little courtyards, alleys, canals and houseboats
+ Enter the church Our Saviour’s Church and walk up the tower from where you’ll have an amazing 360 degrees view over Copenhagen (the tower is closed from 16th of December – 1st of March)
+ Enter Christiania and visit the many cute little shops with handcrafted things
+ Rent a boat for an hour or two and sail around in the canals (only in summer). Boats can be rent at Christianshavns Bådudlejning & Café

And lastly, on this picture you see the Royal Library in the back. If you pass here around 12 noon while the sun is out, you will see the sun and water reflecting on the facade making it look like thousands of small shimmering lights (the reason it is called The Black Diamond).



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