Baby on board – now what?



A baby?

If you follow me on Instagram you might have observed that I became a mom some months ago (in July to be exact). I have been giving it some thoughts on how it would affect the blog and our travels. And well…The blog has already been affected since I have been more busy with our baby boy (Baby J from now on) and on setteling down as a family than with writing content.
However, now that he is getting older, things feel easier and I am getting more time for my little virtual baby (the blog). So you can expect more activity from now on.


What about the travels?

We knew that having a baby would change the way we travel and in the beginning also the number of trips. It would be naive to think differently. However, this isn’t bad at all! I believe that most changes in life give us new opportunities. And while we will not get tipsy for lunch at a street cafe, dine out at 22 p.m. or casually hang out in airport lounges, this new way of travelling gives us the opportunity to try new things.

For instance; choosing hotels with great in-house restaurants, as we’ll enjoy our dinner as room service once the baby has fallen asleep. Getting up early and seeing the cities wake up, meet locals who are out for the morning paper and watching the children go to school. I am really looking forward to experiencing these new things, and most importantly; I cannot wait to see the world through the eyes of my little man.


So, will it be a family travel blog now?

The blog will (obviously) follow our travels, which now implies travelling with a baby, but I will also continue making content that’s not focused on travelling as a family, so there will be something for everyone.

Our little Baby J has already been on his first trip to Barcelona and this week we are going to the pretty Danish island Bornholm. Right after Bornholm we will join my husband on a business trip around Denmark and for Christmas we are off for Barcelona again. So we are definitely still in the travel game and I really do hope that the experiences we get along the way can be an inspiration for others.


What about you, dear reader?

Do you have any travel experiences as a family I should know about? Or any tips and recommendations? Or maybe recommendations for travel sites for families? Please share in the comment box below!

…This weekend I will be sharing how I search for the right Airbnbs when travelling. With and without a baby…




Any ideas or thoughts you wish to share? Don't hold back, I love to chat :)

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