A glimpse of a fall get-away to Bornholm


Last weekend I was on a little get-away with my husband, baby boy and family-in-law to the pretty Danish island Bornholm. My in-laws have their summer residence there (waaay out on the countryside) and it has become the meeting point for the whole family throughout the years.
I had been there tons of times before, but this past weekend was one of a kind. I guess that everything changes when you have a little one. Even though he is only 4 months old by now, it still felt special showing him around, discovering every little corner of the large house (my in-laws are the flea market and collector-kind of people, so the house is booming with antiques and second hand stuff) and greeting the chickens out in the garden every morning.

Bornholm is much more attractive in Summer for visitors (and I would definitely recommend visiting in Summer), but this fall weekend was so kind to us with a perfect combination of being outside in the crisp fall weather and snuggling up inside with pancakes for breakfast and the fireplace lit. It was what we Danes would define as “hygge”.

Here’s a glimpse of our fall weekend-away:

Pancakes and coffee for breakfast in the cosy kitchen
My mother-in-law collecting pears in the garden
Our little boy was lucky to sleep in this beautiful baby bed
Books on the stairway
Wild nature
Greeting the chickens with my little one
The prettiest grocery shop on the island is to be found in Svaneke
The lady who owns the shop really has an eye for detail
Happy dish brushes
The island is famous for its many private road side shops

A more detailed guide to Bornholm will follow in summer!

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