True Lebanese hospitality at Beit Douma

Beit Douma

From the Mediterranean coast of Lebanon, we drove up into the mountains for an hour. In a little village atop a mountain, we found Beit Douma. The most incredible little guesthouse with the kindest staff, amazing food and exquisite interior. We spend two nights there and it was the perfect tranquil way to end our 10-day trip.

Some visuals to get you into the mood

The main hall at Beit Douma

Breakfast at Beit Douma is a nice mix of fresh fruit, homemade jams, local cheese and bread
Breakfast at Beit Douma is a nice mix of fresh fruit, homemade jams, local cheese and bread


Beit Douma is part of the Souk El Tayeb family, who has guesthouses and restaurants throughout Lebanon. We ate at their restaurant Tawlet in Beirut (find my Beirut city guide here).

We were spoiled with cakes, fresh fruit and coffee all day long in the main hall. We took a morning trip to the Balou Balaa waterfall one day an strolled in the little village. But most of the time, we just enjoyed the tranquility in the common areas with books and stacks of international magazines, board games and lit candles at night. The garden was perfect for our little one, who could play around and charm the staff.



The garden at Beit Douma

We ate at the guest house every night and enjoyed an outdoor lunch one day. Much of the produce come from the garden and the rest from local suppliers.

Practical information

  • Beit Douma is located in the little mountain village Douma around 80 km north of Beirut
  • They offer six guest rooms and full meal plan. It just needs to be booked in advance.
  • The village itself is quiet and there is not much going on. However, it’s a perfect escape from busy Beirut for a weekend
  • The price varies from 150$ – 200$ per night depending on the season. Check their website here for bookings and prices

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