Puerto Escondido: Where to eat & drink

This post, where to eat & drink in Puerto Escondido, is the second part of my Puerto Escondido sum-up from our 6 weeks there. Find the first part with general info, accommodation and things to do here.

Soaking in the afternoon sun at Sativa Terraza with my first gin & tonic after months of margaritas. Puerto Escondido treated us very well food & drink wise. Gosh, we ate out a lot during our time there! There are plenty of very affordable options for guacamole, ceviche and cocktail lovers like us.

We mostly had breakfast and lunch at home and then went out for dinner 3-4 times a week. We had planned to cook more at home, but our kitchen had no ventilation and just boiling water for pasta made the humidity inside 100%, so we went out as it was very affordable.

FYI: When we dine out we usually order 2-3 starters and one main course and share it all between the three of us. We often find the starters more interesting than the main dishes, so we prefer various small dishes over one large dish each. Often we only order startes.

Lunch & Dinner

Espadín at Villas Carrizalillo

Oh my, oh my! The view from Espadín is absolutely amazing. And the light breeze is so refreshing in a very hot town. We went there once for an afternoon snack and twice for dinner. It was fabulous! Just look at this view!

The fabulous view from Espardin to Playa Carrizalillo

For dinner we had: Guacamole, fried squid, grilled octopus, chocolate cake, chocolate ice and chocolate mousse (we’re really into chocolate in this family!), three glasses of wine (I had two glasses, of course!) and a bottle of water. We paid 1100 pesos / 52 € in total.

Restaurante Espadin
My handsome husband at golden hour at Espadin with the most incredible view. Having dinner around 5.30 pm often makes us the first guests in the restaurants. And that’s often good as we’ll be the center of attention and have quick service, which is rare in Mexico…

El Coste

We went to El Coste twice. One time with Julian’s ”mexican grandparents” and it was a winner! We had all kinds of ceviche, guacamole and tuna tartare. Again we had grilled octopus. And quite a few mezcalritas (margatitas made with mezcal instead of tequila). I also had a tiramisu for dessert.

El Coste Puerto Escondido
All kinds of ceviche and tartare at El Coste

The restaurant is on Zicatela beach with a nice vibe and nice beach vibe interior. Totally recommendable! I don’t remember the price, but it’s very fair (like everything else in Puerto Escondido).

View from El Coste to Zicatela beach

TIP: In Mexico they will pack the rest of your food for you to take home, which is great with a toddler.


Sativa is a beach bar and restaurant with a renowned kitchen. The interior is very nice and they both have regular seating options, sofas and loungers. This always seem to work.

I don’t eat onion (due to allergy) and unfortunately the kitchen wasn’t very flexible in making variations to the food, so I was quite limited. But we did have a nice salad and a burrito. Would have loved to try their ceviche with mango though.

Sativa Terraza Puerto Escondido
Salad with falafel and plenty of almonds at Sativa

Playa Mazla

Playa Mazla is a beach bar and restaurant at La Punta. It’s very good, stylish and yet affordable. We had fresh juices and guacamole by the beach (minimum consumption for use of their sunbeds is only 250 pesos / 12 € for two persons). We also had dinner at their restaurant (seafood) and it was very good and recommendable.

Hostal One Love

The service here is slooow, but we came almost every day when we lived by the beach because the hostal was just across the street and the quality of food is very good. It’s kids friendly (they don’t have toys or anything, but we felt Julian could move around perfectly fine without annoying anyone). If you come around 6 pm you can see the sunset through the windows, which is nice.

Hotel Santa Fe

I believe that Santa Fe is iconic in Puerto Escondido (at least everybody knew about it). We went there on a Friday night for dinner and we understand the fuss about the place and why people come back year after year: It’s not super fancy, but the overall perception of the quality of food, the service and the stunning view to the beach is extremely good. One of those place where you just know what you’ll get.

They agreed to make a kids version of seafood spaghetti to Julian (half portion) and made my ceviche without onion. I love when restaurants are flexible and open to meeting the customers needs. It’s always a win for them, because we ended up buying more food, cocktails, desserts and coffee. And we gave them a nice amount of tips. We already went at 5 pm (family life…) and it was nice and calm. We paid around 1100 pesos / 52 € in total.

Palms Puerto Escondido
Palms in the courtyard of Hotel Santa Fe

Lunch & dinner – light meals

Aloha Bowls

A nice little place for some healthy veggie and fish bowls on the main street in La Punta. Find it here.

Aloha Bowls Puerto Escondido
Aloha bowls in La Punta

Bonito Bowl

The name says it all… Bonito bowl makes poké bowls with seafood or chicken. The bowls we had were very good and they were also flexible and made a kids version of one of their dishes for Julian. It is located right on La Rinconada and it’s a nice place to sit and watch life go by.

Breakfast & snacks

Dulce Tierra

Man, I have spend many hours there! Dulce Tierra make some of the best chocolate croissants I have ever tried (and that’s a few I would say). Their coffee is good too, which is rare in Puerto Escondido (no offence, but we found it hard to find a decent cup of coffee in this town). They have a roof top terrace with decent internet and a nice breeze, so we spend a couple of mornings each week working from there.

Puerto Escondido for Digital Nomads
The roof top terrace at Dulce Tierra from where I worked a couple of times every week

Street Vendors

There’re plenty of street vendors in Puerto Escondido and we often bought snack from them. There are popsicle vendors, juice vendors, fruit vendors, corn vendors etc.

On our way home from the beach one afternoon we bought corn from this kind old man.

La Palma Negra

The icecreams at La Palma Negra are one the best ever seen to mankind! They have a bar in La Rinconada and one on Zicatela. We went to the one on La Rinconada every second day after picking Julian up from daycare. The coco, italian chocolate, sneakers and lemon/chia variations were the best! As far as I remember, then one scoop is around 40 pesos / 1,90 €.


Disfruta is a tiny sandwich and juicebar with great juices, fruit bowls with yoghurt and granola and fresh sandwiches (only white wheat bread though. Sourdough bread has not come to Puerto Escondido just yet!). We lived just across from it during our month in La Rinconada and went there for juices almost every day. A huge fresh juice was only 40 pesos / 1,90 €.

Dulce Tierra
Coffee at Dulce Tierra. The little ceramic cup with wooden handles is from a jewelry & ceramic store just next door.

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