Taking a travel break and staying put in Playa del Carmen for some months

Well, it isn’t actually news that we are taking some time off travel-wise and have decided to stay some months in Playa del Carmen. We arrived here around easter and had planned to stay for a short time and then continue to Panama. Panama has been on our bucket list for a long time (I wrote about it here). Staying at the American Trade Hotel for a couple of nights is still on my personal bucket list, while Lasse dreams about seeing the immense Panama Canal.

But travel life hit us right in the face and we felt like we needed a break. A break from packing, un-packing and being on the go. So we decided to make Playa del Carmen our base for four months. A serious long period of time, but necessary for us as Lasse is doing an online web designer course and I really needed to dig into work again. Julian is in daycare every day and it’s good for all of us.

One thing we really enjoy here in Playa is the many cheap and delicious food options. Here at La Ceiba de la 30 where I always pick their salad with grilled salmon

Why Playa?

Yeah, why? It isn’t necessarily the most interesting place to be culturally as here is not much to do other than going to the pool or beach (even though the beaches are not very attractive these days due to sargassum). What we found is that Playa offers all the things we need right now for a nice everyday:

  • A nice apartment with pool at a low rate
  • A great daycare for Julian just around the corner
  • Plenty of nice cafés for sipping coffee while working
  • An amazing gym just just 400 meters from home
  • Possibility for a dozen of great day trips or weekend get-aways
The Mayan ruins of Tulum are only one hour away from Playa del Carmen and was a perfect day trip when my mon visited us a couple of month ago

Playa del Carmen offers a nice everyday life

The things above are actually all we need right now, so yes, Playa gives us everything we need these months. We felt a need of an everyday life for a period of time and Playa is great for just that.

On top of that we have met some nice people here and if there is one thing we have learned on this trip, it is that the people around you makes all the difference of feeling at home or not.

Hamacaarte, one of my favourite boutiques in Playa del Carmen. All their items are handmade and mostly locally.

This was just a short update from Playa. I’ll be posting some more specific guides of the city shortly, mainly with tips for Digital Nomads who chose to pass by this little area of Mexico. Because honestly, I think this more ideal as a Digital Nomad destination (a very good one) than a holiday destination.

Next week we’re going to Guatemala and we look so much forward to travel with hand luggage only and having a home to return to.

Wish you a great weekend where ever you are!

We quit our jobs by the end of 2018 to travel and work online. Read about our decision here


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  1. “Travel life hit us right in the face” Smack! I know that feeling. And I can definitely vouch for Playa Del Carmen being an extremely good place for digital nomads. It also serves well as a base for going to Holbox, Bacalar, Cozumel, Valladolid, etc. 🙂

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