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Hi and welcome to My Travel Atelier!

I am Christina, a travel and hotel enthusiast with Spanish and Danish roots. I live in wonderful Copenhagen, where I manage exciting projects at one of the largest hotels in the city by day – and share my travel experiences and tips here at My Travel Atelier by night.

The beginning…

I grew up in the countryside in Denmark, traveling frequently to Barcelona, Spain, where much of my family live (my mum is from Barcelona – she and my dad, who is Danish, met at a language school in Germany back in 1983).

As a little girl, I saw the beautiful Air Hostesses in the airports and knew I wanted to be like them when I grew up; traveling the world in a nice uniform. And so it was; I finished high school in Denmark and moved to Barcelona to study PR full time. In the evenings, I took an Air Hostess course and got a job as an Air Hostess at a Spanish airline.

After one year of flying out of Barcelona Airport (and almost three years of living in Barcelona in total), I was restless and needed a change. I was lucky to get a job at SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) and was based in Copenhagen, from where I explored Europe in my new blue uniform for three years.

After a total of four years in the sky, I realised that those early (like really early!) mornings, always changing schedules and constant budget cuts in the industry were not for me anymore. I still wanted to travel, but for pleasure instead of business. So I quit the uniform and started in the hotel business.


I am now married and live and work in Copenhagen. We travel as much as we can, as often as we can and as long as we can. I believe in the saying that “Life isn’t meant to be lived in the same place” – at least not for me!

My Travel Atelier is the place where I share my tips and recommendations. But it’s not a one-way channel, I would love to get some inspiration the other way too, so please leave a comment or contact me using the contact form below if you have any thoughts or recommendations!
I hope that My Travel Atelier can give you the inspiration you need for planning your own adventures.

Travel well, travel often,


All Pictures are taken by me or my husband, unless otherwise stated. They may not be used without my consent.

Sunset on the island of Holbox, Mexico


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