Defining Marrakech in ten pictures


Marrakech… I don’t really know where to start. We have rarely experienced such a kind-hearted culture with lots of humor, a crazy Medina, delicious food and a totally down to earth desert experience. Marrakech has so much to offer every traveler and it left us eager to explore more of Morocco.

I have a lot of work to do over the next couple of weeks, where I will share my impressions of this vibrant city and surroundings. But first I will share the 10 pictures that define Marrakech to me.

I hope you’ll enjoy!


First picture: The Souks

The most famous part of Marrakech and the place where you can buy almost everything. I have never in my life seen so many things gathered in one place. The souks are enormous and will keep you entertained for days if you enjoy treasure hunting.


Second picture: Tea

Tea is the national drink and you can expect to be offered mint tea everywhere you go in Marrakech. This also includes in most shops you enter. This is a simple gesture and unlike other places we have traveled we experienced no harm if leaving without buying anything. Just be kind and everyone will be kind to you.


Third picture: The details

Morocco is truly a land of details. The attention to detail is extraordinary. There are fresh flowers everywhere and you can really sense the effort they put into making everything nice for the visitors. In the former palaces we were astonished by the beautiful tiles and mosaics.


Fourth picture: The main square Djemaa el Fna

Djemaa el Fna is the central and crazy square of Marrakech. Either you love it or you hate it, but this is where everything is happening. From market stalls selling fresh juice, to the many food stalls serving dinner for both locals and tourists at night, to show-monkeys and snakes, local musicians…you name it, it is there.


Fifth picture: Modern design

Tucked away behind the dusty streets in the Medina there are some really cool places where modern design is mixed with Moroccan traditions. Like here at the Riyad (name for a Moroccan boutique hotel) El Fenn.


Sixth picture: Moroccan pancakes

We enjoyed these typical pancakes for breakfast every morning during the entire trip. We did not order them, they were just served as the first thing every morning with honey on the side.


Seventh picture: Roses

Little did I know about the Moroccan roses before going there… There were roses everywhere in Marrakech and it was actually the only flower we saw during our stay. Beautiful red, white and pink roses. At the market you could buy 100 roses for aprox 15 €!


Eight picture: Jardin Majorelle

The Majorelle garden (formerly Yves Saint Laurent’s house and garden) is a trademark for Marrakech. The garden is held perfectly in blue and yellow colors with a lush vegetation and the tallest cactus I have ever seen.


Ninth picture: The desert 

Only 45 minutes outside of Marrakech you can surrender yourself to the silence of the desert. Such an amazing landscape and tranquility is rarely found so close to a buzzling city.


Tenth picture: Glamping

Glamping: The new trend word in the desert. Experiencing the relaxing calm of the desert, but in luxurious surroundings with deluxe tents with toilets and shower. Amazing sunrises are almost guaranteed out there in the nature where nothing stands in the way for the rise of the sun.


These were my most important impressions of Marrakech. During the next weeks I will post a guide to the Medina, hotel reviews of the places we stayed and much more. I look forward to sharing everything with you!

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