Introducing the podcast series


In addition to the “Meet” series, I’m now introducing the “Podcast” series, where I’ll share the travel podcasts I listen to. You might think that one post will be enough for this purpose, but NO, definitely not… There are so many very good travel podcasts out there covering all aspects of travel; general travel, specific destinations, personal travel stories, full-time travel, digital nomad lifestyle, female travel, family travel and the list continues…. So once a month, I’ll share a new list of podcasts in a specific category.


In this first post I’ll introduce you to four very good general travel podcasts related to everything travel:


Extra Pack of Peanuts
Travis is the man behind Extra Pack of Peanuts (website & podcast) and he has travelled the world with his wife Heather for the past six years. He introduces the podcast as “The show that teaches you to travel more while spending less” and it actually started as a guide to Frequent Flyer Miles, which is his trick to travel the world for free (almost). Now it has evolved to a podcast with bunches of travel tips and travel stories.
His podcasts cover everything from questions about frequent flyer miles, packing guides, destination guides and interviews with other travellers. He is an excellent speaker (very very very important for a successful podcast!) and the podcasts are well produced.

Travelogue is the podcast of Condé Nast Traveller. They cover everything related to travel and the guests in the studio are often writers and editors for Condé Nast Traveller magazine. It is a good all-round travel podcast, however they are often too many people in the studio for my liking, which makes the conversations a bit confusing (for me at least…). However, it is a good podcast with a lot of travel information.

My nook in our kitchen ❤

All podcasts can be found in App Store or on Podcast Player (Android)

Travel Tales
Travel Tales is one of my favourite travel podcasts. It is hosted by the American comedian and TV host Mike Siegel, who interviews his guests about their travel experiences. He is funny (he’s a comedian so anything else would be rather disappointing!) and the conversations with his guests are always interesting and entertaining. And again; he is a good speaker and all the basics for a great podcast are covered; good sound and well produced podcasts.

GO The Travel Podcast
GO is another favourite of mine. Alex Cwalinski is the man behind the podcast which is a nice mix of interviews with other travellers, stories and destination information in small bits like; Argentina stories: Nightlife and Living in Buenos Aires or Gauchos, the Cowboys of Argentina. Other podcasts would often collect everything related to Argentina in one entire and very long podcast, but this way you can actually pick and choose the information you want for a certain destination.

Another thing that differs this podcasts from the others, is that they are usually short (8 – 16 minutes), which is perfect if you only have limited time and don’t want to pause it.


Next I’ll share a list with the podcasts you should listen to if you’re planning on (or dreaming of) quitting your job and selling your home in exchange of full time travelling…

Can you recommend other podcasts?

Any ideas or thoughts you wish to share? Don't hold back, I love to chat :)

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