Four very good non-tapas restaurants in Barcelona

I’m often asked about restaurants in Barcelona. Where to go for tapas and where to go for anything else than tapas.
Barcelona has a huge food scene and I’m sadly not a pro in this area (we mostly eat out for lunch currently as we have our little baby who goes to sleep around 7.30 p.m.). However, here are four restaurants in Barcelona I highly recommend if you’re not in the tapas mood:


Non-tapas restaurants in Barcelona


Cecconi’s at Soho House

Okay, this is an easy pick. Cecconi’s is a super delicious Italian restaurant located in the extravagant membership hotel Soho House. Everything about Soho House is quite extraordinary, so of course the restaurant is too. It’s located on the ground floor of the hotel in an old typical Catalan building with amazing ceilings.

Price level is high for Barcelona, but very reasonable for what you get. A main course is around 25€.
However, they offer a daily lunch menu on weekdays for 18€ for 3 courses and an espresso.


The Greenhouse at Hotel Pulitzer

It’s no secret that I’m into plants and green in general and The Greenhouse talks right to my heart. It has a bright and fresh vibe. Even on (rare) rainy days this restaurant is bright and welcoming. The menu reflects the greenhouse theme and consists of seasonal vegetables, fresh fish and meat. And the best: home-made desserts!
It is only open for lunch and only during weekdays, where they offer a lunch menu (3 courses, coffee & a glass of wine) for 18,50€.


Elephant Crocodile Monkey at Casa Bonay

Elephant Crocodile Monkey is a Southeast Asian restaurant and natural wine bar located in the same building as the popular Casa Bonay in Eixample. The menu offers the typical dishes you would expect from this kind of restaurant, but is served in a fresh and delicate way.
It’s only open at night (20.00 – 23.30), so it is ideal to combine it with a cocktail at Libertine bar in Casa Bonay.

Price level is fair. Around 18€ for a main course.


El Passatge at Hotel MurMuri

I’ve previously mentioned El Passatge in the post Eight Things I Always do In Barcelona. And this one is still on the list. The food is SO good and the daily lunch menu is a total bargain: 3 courses including a glass of wine on their terrace right on Rambla Catalunya (not to be confused with Las Ramblas) for only 17€.
We’ve come there once a week during our 5-weeks stay in Barcelona. We’ve also visited with friends and so far we’ve had nothing but great experiences.


Now, that I’ve written this post, I see that all restaurants are actually located in or in connection to a hotel! It’s a total coincidence, but also makes the point that many hotels offer very good dining options. So don’t hesitate to go just because it’s not the typical street restaurant. 



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