What we learned from five weeks of living in Barcelona

BE HAPPIER – I love this sign in the healthy restaurant Flax & Kale. It’s part of their motto: EAT BETTER –> BE HAPPIER –> LIVE LONGER

Our five weeks of living in Barcelona came to an end a couple of weeks ago. Five weeks that passed by way too fast. We went there to spend time together as a little family and to get a feeling of how it would be to live there (for real). So what did we actually learn from our five weeks in Barcelona? I’m sharing it here:


What did we learn?


We thrive on not having a packed calendar

We are lucky to have many friends, colleagues and family in our network. We’re also lucky to get invited to a bunch of things. And we love to mingle. But sometimes it’s just too much. Always knowing what we will do every weekend the next months is almost stressful… These five weeks have really shown how life could be without a lot of planning. Just waking up and see what we feel like doing. Or going to sleep at night and talk about what we would like to do the next day without having a strict social plan already.

This is actually something we’ve already brought home: Not making plans and not saying yes immediately when an invitation comes our way, but wait a bit and feel if we’re really into it or if it’s better to say “thanks, but no thanks”.

We went for daily walks with no other purpose, than to walk, talk, drink coffee and spend time at the playground


We’re probably NOT moving to Barcelona full time

This one is interesting. We had an amazing time in Barcelona and since we have family there, we’ll keep coming there a couple of times a year. And we LOVE Barcelona. But now that we’ve stayed for 5 weeks with our little boy, we’ve come to the conclusion that we would find somewhere outside of the city if we’re doing the serious move someday. Barcelona is easy with kids, but it’s too busy and there are too many tourists around all the time (for our liking). But, as they say; never say never 😉


We’re SO ready for other family adventures

We already knew this: we love spending time together as a little family and these five weeks were just the beginning. We have big travel plans, which will hopefully come true in the near future.

Breakfast on our little balcony. I always dreamed of living in a classic apartment in the Eixample area with a pretty balcony and shutters. Now I can tick that one off the bucket list 🙂


The Spaniards LOVE kids

We could’t go anywhere without someone chatting with our son or giving compliments (and he’s just a regular kid! Pretty blue eyes like his dad, but apart from that he’s just like all other kids (to me he’s the world of course, but objectively he’s like most other kids)). In Spain, or in Barcelona at least, it’s common to congratulate the parents with their baby. So we received a lot of “congratulations” from strangers. And when bringing him to a restaurant, he would be the centre of attention.
Now, we live in Denmark, where people in general don’t speak to strangers (I still don’t get why!). Here you can easily walk with a stroller and a happy little kid waving without anyone waving back or at least smiling. Before going to Barcelona, I didn’t think about it, but now the reality really shows and even though we’re within Europe, there’s a huge culture gap when it comes to children.


It’s easy to travel with kids in Barcelona

This one goes with the one above. Since they like kids in general, they’re very helpful with arranging tables at restaurants to fit a stroller etc. BUT, we didn’t go to very touristy restaurants, where I imagine things could be a little different. Go local, clean up after your baby, and they will love to have your kids around.

Our little one was so welcome everywhere.


Getting things done with a baby is not that easy

Remember I said I would work intensively on the blog and write articles for other media when in Barcelona? Well, honestly I don’t know what I was thinking? Where did I imagine that our baby should be in the meanwhile? 🙂 Of course he takes his naps and I get an hour here and there to work, but that’s not very much!
Anyway, I didn’t get to do all the things I planned, but I did write an article which will be published in a Danish magazine soon! Mission accomplished 🙂


Time flies and that’s okay!

This is a cliché, but anyhow it’s true. Time passed by so fast and many of the plans we had of things we would do, didn’t happen. We had talked about taking a trip to Madrid or Valencia, but never found the time for it. We could have done it, but it would have been squeezing it in for no reason. Some years ago we would have done it just to tick it off our list, but now we’ve become much more aware of not squeezing things in, but only doing things we really feel for and have the proper time to do.

I managed to get a half day for myself twice during our stay. Here’s a glimpse of my day working at the beautiful Margot House.

Any ideas or thoughts you wish to share? Don't hold back, I love to chat :)

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