Six boutique hotels in Oaxaca I would love to stay at

Back in march we lived in Oaxaca city for a few weeks and discovered some extremely nice boutique hotels. Hotels where interior, location and atmosphere met in a perfect combination. As I have mentioned before, then we really enjoy passing by hotels for lunch, coffee or drinks. Hotel bars are often overseen, which is a shame, especially if you are an interior aficionado, as there is often put a lot of effort into decorating those spaces. Another thing you don’t see from the street is that many hotels have incredible rooftop bars and restaurants open to the public and are often located on the best locations. So, next time you’re heading out for drinks (no matter if it’s in your home city or abroad) then check out the hotels, okay? Some of our best dining experiences back in Puerto Escondido were at hotels (read about it here).

Hotel Casa Azul Oaxaca
Hotel Azul with it’s extraordinary bourgonvillas

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During our time in the city we lived in an Airbnb in the neighbourhood Reforma, which was very good and completely suited our needs. But I must say, that if I was to return for a shorter stay, then I would definitely chose one of the hotels below. And I would have a hard time choosing in between them.

All the mentioned boutique hotels are located in the city center of Oaxaca within walking distance to everything.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I will receive a tiny commission if you book using one of the links. Prices are exactly the same to you, so you wont’t notice any difference, only contribute to keeping this blog running. Thank you!

Hotel Azul

We passed by Hotel Azul by coincidence. The facade has beautiful bourgonvillas all over and I was curious to see what was inside… A beautiful hotel with an incredible courtyard with the highest cactus I have ever seen. The rooms are tastefully decorated with lots of wood. Absolutely stunning and their cactus served as background for various perfect pictures. The roof top bar was closed when we visited (in the morning), but I am sure that many delicious cocktails could be enjoyed there while gazing at the stars at night.

In the courtyard of Hotel Azul
Hotel Los Amantes

Like Casa Azul, we passed by Hotel Los Amantes by coincidence and were curious to see what was behind those large wooden doors (being curious always pays off). And what did we find? An aesthetic pearl and a phenomenal roof top terrace with view to the Santo Domingo cathedral. We passed by an afternoon and had a nice cup of coffee on the roof top terrace while Julian was served a big glass of cold milk (his absolute favourite drink).

Los Amantes Oaxaca
I adore the terracotta color scheme they use at Hotel Los Amantes

The roof top is a big plus for this hotel. It is absolutely amazing and I would love to come back to stay at the hotel or drop by for late-night cocktails with view to all the city lights. I mean: Look at this view!

Hotel Los Amantes
View from the roof top bar at hotel Los Amantes
Casa Antonieta

We came to Casa Antonieta to visit their in-house Muss Café. This specific hotel in Oaxaca really deserves being in the category of boutique hotels as it only has six rooms and a very homey feel. It is the place for a plant lover (me!) as there are plants everywhere. However, as it is quite small, I wouldn’t chose it with a toddler because I would feel I was disturbing the other guests’ privacy if he cried or yelled. But that’s just me. It’s not that I wander around concerned what other people think, but I am sure that other parents can relate to the fact that it’s just nicer to to visit places where you don’t have to silence the kids all the time. If Lasse and I were on an adults-only trip I would definitely like to stay here.

Casa Antonieta Boutique Hotel Oaxaca
In the courtyard of Casa Antonieta with coffee and a croissant from Muss Café
Hotel Quinta Real

Quinta Real is iconic in Oaxaca. The hotel is located in an antique monastery and is absolutely gorgeous. It might not classify as a boutique hotel (a bit too large for that), but it is very very charming. A big bonus is the garden and pool, which allows a refreshing dip during the warm Oaxacan days.

Quinta Real Oaxaca
Taking a walk around Hotel Quinta Real

We had lunch there and while it’s not a real family hotel, it felt very kids friendly with courtyards, many areas to walk around, high chairs in the restaurant and other things that make life easier with a toddler.

I would chose this hotel if/when we return to Oaxaca with Julian (okay, it’s quite expensive, so it would be a real treat to stay there).

Boutique Hotel Quinta Real Oaxaca
The dreamy pool right in the city center of Oaxaca at Quinta Real

Selina is part of a well-known boutique hostel and co-working chain in Latin America. The concept is very smart and really appeals to the movement of Digital Nomads who need a place to sleep, work and have fun. They even offer yoga on-site as well.

I went to their co-working space one day. It was not very big, but fine and there was a nice atmosphere. The onsite restaurant offers the mandatory avocado toasts and likewise dishes for the hipster crowd visiting. The building is painted pink on the outside and looks dreamy with the white balcony doors.

Selina Oaxaca
Selina boutique hostel. I love the color and very neat look.
City Centro Oaxaca

We visited City Centro Oaxaca one day we strolled in the Jalatlaco neighbourhood (10 minutes walking distance to centro) and noticed some cactus on the rooftop. As we all know that a chance for visiting a hotel with cactus on the roof top should never be bypassed, we walked in for a drink. It is very nice and slightly cheaper than some of the other hotels (due to the location I believe. But it is in a great location, so don’t be fooled by the lower price, it’s great). A big pro is the pool on the rooftop, which is something that some of the other hotels lack.

Boutique hotel City Central Oaxaca
The courtyard of City Central

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