Our favourite coffee shops in Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua in Guatemala was really something and the many coffee shops just made it all better. I’ve previously shared 15 pictures from Antigua, but thought I’d also share a specific guide to our favourite coffee shops in town. ‘Cause why should I keep the secret to myself, right?

Coffee shops Antigua Guatemala

Bella Vista Coffee

View Bella Vista Coffee

The name says it all; the view from Bella Vista is incredible. The coffee is great and the menu includes french toast, croissants and other yummy stuff.

Bonus is that it’s great for working and it seems like a meeting place for Digital Nomads. Who wouldn’t like to work with a coffee on the side and a view to a volcano?

The entrance is through a wine shop (!), and up the stairs in the back. A bit tricky to find, but once you’re there you’ll have your reward in terms of an incredible view.

Fat Cat Coffee House

A flat white + banana bread at Fat Cat Coffee. We went various times and loved it every time.

Fat Cat Coffee House was probably our favourite coffee wise. The coffee is always on point. The atmosphere is like a real coffee shop, and not that café-ish. There’s no outdoor serving, but one day they let us take two taburets out and enjoy our coffee on the sidewalk so we could keep an eye on our sleeping boy in his stroller. I love when people are not that strict about their rules 🙂

Guate Java

Stunning Antigua! NB, this pic is not from Guate Java, but a side street.

We only had coffee at Guate Java once, but really liked it. We would have brought home some coffee beans if it wasn’t for the fact that we were travelling long-term. I don’t have any pictures as we went at night and it was too dark for nice pictures – sorry!

Guate Java is located right in front of the excellent vegan restaurant Samsara Garden, so if you’re hungry start there. Their vegan courgette pasta is heavenly!

Don Cafeone


So, Lasse my husband is the model here, haha! He’s also the coffee connoisseur in the house and the one who had pinned in all the coffee shops we should visit during our stay.

Don Cafeone is a great place for a coffee by the window while watching life go by on the street. Good quality coffee and the staff is extremely friendly. It is located in a kind of market with more restaurants inside, so definitely worth a visit.

Other places to go

So these places are not exactly coffee shops, but I recommend them anyway as they are worth a visit:

There are so many beautiful places in Antigua. Here I am at Casa de Stela.

Casa de Stela for a light lunch or snack. It is an Airbnb with a café, little garden and a shop. A very nice place!

Caoba Farms is an incredible, incredible green oasis in the outskirts of Antigua. It is a farm with restaurants onsite, a shop and events. There are yoga classes, festivities and market days. We went on a Sunday for brunch and it was absolutely amazing. We has poached eggs, pancakes, fruit, juice and coffee in the garden. There is a nice playground for kids and it is in general very family friendly.

Saberico is a surprisingly large lush garden in the city center of Antigua. We went for dinner with our Danish friend Michelle whom we met back in Puerto Escondido and by coincidence met again in Antigua. Small world!

The quality of the food at Saberico is very good, we had salads, soup and some pasta. The atmosphere is really homey and there is a chocolate shop inside the restaurant, so we each picked some deluxe chocolates for dessert. Nice.

I would return to Antigua again in a heartbeat if I had the chance. In case you are heading there now: Enjoy 🙂

Any ideas or thoughts you wish to share? Don't hold back, I love to chat :)

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