I have been interviewed for my favourite podcast (in Danish)

Den Digitale Nomade might be my absolute favourite podcast. Mille, the owner, popped up one day in my Facebook feed about two years ago. She had written an article about skipping the 9-5, switching rainy Denmark for sunny Spain and working remote.

At that time I was on maternity leave with Julian and dreaming about a warmer, sunnier and a more relaxed lifestyle for our little family than the one we would start, once my maternity leave was over. So the timing couldn’t have been better. We were already thinking about a change, but hadn’t defined it yet.

She dumped into my life at the perfect time.

Den Digitale Nomade
Picture from our time in Bacalar, Mexico. August 2019.

On my daily walks with the stroller, I listened to her podcasts about the remote lifestyle, about Spain, kids and everything in between.

I even interviewed her for the blog once (she was acutally in Mexico once the interview took place). Read the interview here

Time has passed and it’s no secret that my family and I ended up defying the ordinary when we quit our jobs to travel in Latinamerica.

Picture from Antigua Guatemala, June 2019

And guess what: A couple of months ago Mille contacted me, because she wanted to interview me for her podcast! Funny how life changes, because now I was suddenly the person who had a story to tell! A story about quitting our jobs and traveling with our little son. I was the person to tell the kind of story I’ ve always loved listening to.

So here it is, a link to the podcast (with some delay … sorry!).

Podcast episode 66: Mød Christina Rovira

And here’s a link to Mille’s article I read back in december 2017:

Farvel Danmark – jeg vil have mere ud af livet end hverdage

Hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I did making it 😍


Den Digitale Nomade
Message on a bag in Guatemala, June 2019

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